Burial Purchases
Rules & Regulations

We offer in ground burials for casket and cremated remains. When a full grave or cremation plot is purchased perpetual care is included in the purchase price.  Perpetual care is the overall upkeep of the cemetery. The funds needed to provide perpetual care are generated by an investment portfolio in accordance with the laws of the State of Connnecticut.

To meet the steadily growing numbers of cremation choices, we also offer a Columbarium for those who choose an above ground interment for cremains.  Our Columbarium is designed to hold either a single cremation urn or two cremation urns.   Inscribing on the niche cover is allowed and the work is completed by our contractor only.  Pricing is available upon purchase.  Veterans who are buried in the Columbarium can be recognized with a veteran emblem that can be adhered to the niche cover.  Our office staff can provide you with further information.